Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hunter Estess: Three Facts About Residential Construction

Hunter Estess has been working in real estate and construction for many years. He is the owner of Dash Development in Louisiana. “I have extensive experience in property valuation and acquisition; new construction development, multiple, simultaneous capital expenditure real estate rehab projects,” says Mr. Estess. He studied construction management at the College of Engineering at Louisiana State University. Mr. Estess is the owner of Dash Developers and specializes in residential construction.

Residential construction can be a great investment opportunity for individuals who work in real estate. Residential construction involves building and selling homes. Some may be single family dwellings while others may be multi-family dwellings. Real estate developers may have experience in residential construction.

Residential construction requires financial backing. Real estate developers may raise capital and then work with a construction company. Building homes is a long process that requires a healthy financial backing. Building residences involves several steps including land excavation, and design. Residential construction involves the expertise of architects and construction managers. Hunter Estess has experience in construction and project management. He is passionate about making investments.


Monday, 9 October 2017

Hunter Estess: Have You Heard of Apartment Investing?

Hunter Estess has been working in real estate for more than a decade. Hunter Estess is the owner of Dash Development and is interested in multi-family, or apartment, investing. “Under the mentorship of nationally-acclaimed, multi-family expert Michael Blank, I have expanded his predominately single-family real estate portfolio to investments in over hundreds of multi-family units in the Gulf South area,” states Mr. Hunter Estess.

Hunter Estess
Hunter Estess

Investing in multi-family homes can be a great way to build a healthy investment fund. A multi-unit property may require a higher down payment, but the investment could result in a steady return. Investors who work with single family homes may struggle with keeping that property occupied. Investors who own multi-family properties can have tenants leave without suffering a major impact on their investment. If two tenants out of thirty vacate their apartments, the owner will still get a return on his or her investment. Hunter Estess is interested in investing in multi-family properties and has years of experience in real estate. When he is not building his career, he coaches youth wrestling.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hunter Estess : Considering Multi-Family Real Estate?

Hunter Estess is a talented real estate professional who owns Dash Development. He has experience dating to his teenage years and has mentored under nationally-acclaimed experts since launching his career. One expert that Hunter Estess mentored under is Michael Blank, a respected multi-family investor. Hunter Estess has since expanded his portfolio exponentially. If you’re considering multi-family real estate, information like that below might help you make a confident decision:

  •  Easier Management

Managing a handful of units under a single roof is often easier than handling individual properties.
For example, if you have an eighty-unit building, you can use one property manager or property management company to handle tenants. Those same eighty units could prove much more stressful in eighty different locations, under eighty different roofs.

  •  Increase Cashflow Quickly

Increasing cashflow from a multi-family investment can be as easy as adding a safe, well-lit laundry facility with good machines. When a single improvement ups the value of multiple units, you can often increase cash flow much faster. 

Don’t hesitate to contact a company like Dash Development before invest. Having experts like Hunter Estess on your side can greatly increase your chances of success.