Friday, 12 August 2016

Hunter Estess - Think through Your Behavior During a Negotiation

Hunter Estess of New Orleans has been investing in real estate properties for many years.

The principle of least effort says that people will spend the least amount of effort required to get through a process. This principle also works with real estate transactions. Most people have no idea how to prepare for a real estate negotiation, and even when they do, they are often too lazy to do it. This is always a big mistake that can cost thousands of dollars. If you can anticipate the questions that you will be asked, you should think about what answers you will give. 

                                          Hunter Estess

In the beginning of a negotiation, you can tailor almost anything you say, and the way you say it, for a favorable effect. For example, giving a quick, decisive, and detailed answer to a sensitive question will show the other party that you are confident and prepared. 

However, in some cases you want your answers to look as if you just spontaneously thought of them. In such instances you can say that you just thought of something that may work or throw an idea as if it just came to you in the moment. 

Such behavior can create an atmosphere of comfort and a sense of trust in the other party because it will look as if you are quickly thinking on your feet to come up with a solution that will satisfy all parties involved in the negotiation. This is what seasoned entrepreneurs like Hunter Estess do to increase their chances of success.