Monday, 19 September 2016

Hunter Estess - Advantages of Investing in Real Estate Syndicates

Many investors are still looking for ways to invest in real estate while minimizing their risks. One way to do this and still take advantage of the increasing real estate values is by using real estate syndicates to invest in larger properties, a strategy Hunter Estess is familiar with. A real estate syndicate is essentially a pooled real estate investment group, where capital is combined from a group of investors in order to purchase real estate. In essence, real estate syndicates are just a smaller version of Real Estate Investment Trusts. Here are some distinct advantages to investing in real estate syndicates. 

                                                    Hunter Estess

Superior Expertise, Discount Price

The main advantage of this kind of real estate investing strategy is the ability to leverage the expertise of many investors. A syndicate can bank on the collective knowledge and skills of the investors in the group. 

Cost Savings

By pooling funds, real estate syndicates can achieve cost savings, compared to an individual investor. A substantial down-payment can be made with a well-funded syndicate, allowing the investors to leverage their capital to create improvements and increase their return.


Syndication allows individual investors with limited funds to diversify their investment among a number of different properties or to purchase a large investment. This can help to safeguard against significant losses in real estate. 

Real estate syndicate investing can be a great way to make your money grow. As with any investment, however, it is best to proceed with caution and do your due diligence before jumping in. Hunter Estess is a successful real estate investor in New Orleans, Louisiana who has utilized this technique to grow his real estate portfolio.