Monday, 25 July 2016

Hunter Estess - Asset Management in Real Estate

Hunter Estess, president of Estess Contractors, and many other real estate developers and investors work on their asset management skills to continue to be successful in their businesses. Investment assets are purchased every day by investors, governments, private companies, and corporations. These entities can purchase real estate to improve and resell, or to rent or lease out.
Hunter Estess

Real estate investment can be tricky because of the nature of the field. Properties can become devalued, damaged, and deteriorated over time. Asset management also means working within the parameters of the government’s complicated tax and legal rules. Investors can also use asset management in regards to investment portfolios. IN this scenario, diversification is key to success. Investors like Estess will purchase and control multiple real estate properties in many different locations, thereby avoiding the placement of all eggs in one basket. Asset managers will specialize in particular aspects of property, such as operations or regions. This manager works on rental and lease agreements in ways to attract customers, eliminate vacancies, and limit and liabilities.

Real estate investors and developers like Hunter Estess are familiar with all aspects of real estate asset management. The main goal of asset management is to maximize investment returns and property values. The asset manager must work to reduce liability, find high and reliable sources of revenue, and reduce expenses. Asset managers must be entrepreneurs as well, overseeing multiple facets of investment properties. Those managers who are successful are rewarded with the largest portfolios and the highest profits.