Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hunter Estess - Residential Construction

Successful real estate investors and contractors, such as Hunter Estess, owner of Dash Development and Estess Contractors, achieved their financial security in part by investing in residential construction. This area of real estate investment involves the building and sales of single family residences. Like other types of real estate investment, residential construction can involve myriad aspects and, if an investor is not educated and careful, can lead to negative cash flow.
Hunter Estess

Residential construction can be a profitable venture if the investor has researched and planned accordingly before purchase. Necessary components for residential construction are elements like: capital for labor supplies and living expenses; reliable suppliers and skilled laborers; a smart plan for marketing new builds; and a steady source of land for development. Financing is an important consideration as well. The investor and builder needs to honestly assess his ability to finance multiple construction builds even when interest rates change or the housing market weakens. Otherwise, the residential construction investor can find himself in significant financial stress.

Hunter Estess and other renowned real estate gurus have successfully ventured into residential construction and that has helped them achieve the financial independence they enjoy today. Smart investors need to keep a steady balance of construction sites under control, pay their obligations to financial institutions on time, and plan for delays at points in the construction schedule. Quality is also necessary for investing success, as constructing properly the first time means avoiding paying more to do it right the second time. Finally, construction investors should be experts at communication to keep all components of the project together and on time.